Cho'Clair Oriental Collection

Choclair Oriental Collection

Cho’Clair the original

Heartwarming, a twinge of patriotism, an artistic workmanship, an innovative dimension, this is what Cho’Clair stands for. A luxurious praline in the shape of the ‘well’-known Belgian pastry: eclair.

The Cho’Clair is coated in Belgian chocolate combined with a masterwork of ongoing taste, creativity and a top-quality production.

Fairy Chocolates combines enchanting flavours and delicate textures which will steal everyone’s heart.

Offering our luxurious gift boxes is as magic as receiving them. With our keen eye for detail, we bring our pralines to life.

Our Cho’Clair pralines allow everyone a twinkle of pure joy. Arouse your senses and be surprised by our passion for real Belgian chocolate.

What makes Fairy Chocolates unique?

  • Delicate and soft textures
  • A high level of cocoa
  • Pure cocoa butter
  • Selected chocolate beans
  • A wide range of artisanal flavours
  • Creative and exclusive products
  • Affordable pralines for every occasion
  • Luxurious packaging for him and her
  • Easy and quick to order via our web shop
  • Nationally and internationally renowned

Sensational tastes and fashion prints

With its wide range of flavours and fashion prints, the Cho’Clair developed into a masterwork by all means. Every taste is accompanied by an individual high-fashion print design where every detail was crafted with the greatest care.


Choclair Oriental Collection
Choclair Oriental Collection

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