Our vision

Our values

Making delicious and traditional chocolate starts with the careful selection of the finest ingredients. For our cocoa beans we apply strict criteria which provide continuity during the entire production process. We pay attention to the selection of raw materials, eco-friendly packaging, sustainability, social and responsible supplies.

Fairy Chocolates Belgium has all the competencies to create high-end and high-quality chocolate products, from the processing to the production of our premium-quality pralines. It is essential we pass on to our clients the core values we stand for. By doing so, we deliver the best quality and service, invariably.  

We focus on:

  1. A customer-oriented relation
  2. Passion and originality
  3. Integrity and innovation
  4. Professionalism and expert knowhow
  5. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging
  6. A social and responsible production
  7. HACCP and F5 certification

Vision and consistency

Our vision goes beyond the production of top-quality chocolate bonbons. We also focus on a customer-orientated and professional approach with an optimistic attitude. We are constantly looking for new and better ideas to take the wishes of our clients to the next level.


Partnership & strategy

The key element of our corporate strategy is the large-scale application of existing and new partnerships. In this respect we already signed outsourcing contracts with national and international entrepreneurs selling our products worldwide in a productive and sustainable way.

Cooperation with third parties

Cooperating with Fairy Chocolates is entering a whole new world. Our years of knowhow and expertise are shared worldwide to the wider public. By doing so, our sustainable chocolate products are affordable to everyone.

Our pralines are exported nationally and internationally because of their charm, their distinctive look and mouthwatering taste. We travel the world, share our passion and introduce each and every one to Fairy Chocolates Belgium.

Interested in teaming up with us? Questions about our products and services? Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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